The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) has awarded ABC Group Hawaii (Autism Behavior Consulting Group) with an Award of Distinction, recognizing the organization as a top behavioral service provider in the country. The award celebrates exceptional behavioral health providers that excel in the areas of clinical quality, staff satisfaction and qualifications, and consumer satisfaction. These areas are measured via a wide-ranging audit, including interviews with agency clinical leadership, a detailed staff qualification review, anonymous staff satisfaction survey, and anonymous consumer satisfaction survey. 

“ABC Group Hawaii (The Autism Behavior Consulting Group) is an agency that foregrounds maintaining superior standards of clinical quality using an evidence-based approach. This dedication is reflected in their comprehensive treatment programs, investment in staff training and professional development, and attention to caregiver satisfaction. Additionally, not only is ABC Group our first Center of Excellence in Hawaii, they offer the only practicum site for FIT’s Master’s Degree in Professional Behavior Analysis,” said Sara Gershfeld Litvak, Founder of BHCOE. “We are pleased to commend the Clinical Director, Anne Lau, and Executive Director, Dr. Amy Wiech, and their team on running an outstanding ABA clinic that is an indispensable resource for the Honolulu and surrounding areas of the island.”

BHCOE is a trusted source for recognizing top-performing behavioral health providers. Acting as a third-party, the organization systematically measures and reports on existing quality criteria in the behavior analysis community using standardized methods and practices, and awards only those service agencies that meet elite standards.

“At ABC Group, we are dedicated, supportive, and passionate about creating meaningful outcomes for all of our clients and improving the quality of life for our families using a data-based treatment approach. Our work would not be possible without our dynamic team of behavior analysts and technicians and partnership with our familieswho work continuously to ensure the success of the children,” said Amy Wiech, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA. “We are excited to receive this Award of Distinction from the BHCOE and our agency looks forward to providing effective behavior analysis services on Oahu and beyond for years to come.”
About Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE)
The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is a trusted source that recognizes top-performing behavioral health providers. BHCOE offers a third-party measurement system that differentiates top services providers from exceptional services providers.  The BHCOE criterion features standards that subject-matter experts developed to measure state-of-the-art behavioral health services. For more information, visit


A center of excellence is an organization that values clinical quality, staff satisfaction and parent satisfaction while providing ABA services.


No, providers are not given the distinction, it is earned. Providers are evaluated on a number of measures related to clinical quality.


The BHCOE distinction demonstrates that the company meets the highest standards of verified clinical quality, transparency, and accountability. Collectively, BHCOE’s lead a growing movement of behavioral health providers that aim to increase the collective quality of services across the United States.

The BHCOE distinction indicates that the company respects employees. As an employer, you know that your organization’s success starts and ends with its employees. The BHCOE distinction demonstrates to employees that their company cares about their feedback, is able to look internally, and can set goals for continuous improvement.

The BHCOE distinction demonstrates a company’s impact. Businesses across the US use the BHCOE Clinical Audit to benchmark their performance and set goals for continuous improvement. The clinical audit is a great tool to help your organization become a more sustainable company. Think of it as a regular check-up to see how clinically and administratively healthy you are and how you’ve improved.

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