Kelly Deacon, BCBA, LBA, Case Supervisor

Kelly Deacon is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has specialized in working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) since 2000. She earned her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Hawaii in 2002. In addition, she has worked with children in other disciplines including being a preschool teacher, DOE classroom aide, and a developmental specialist. As a developmental specialist she was also the autism specialist for the department of early intervention in Las Vegas, Nevada where she was responsible for training staff on evidence based procedures that would be used for children with ASD ages 0-3. She has previously owned her own business entitled the Global Autism Project, where she traveled across the United States conducting parent trainings for parents who had children with ASD. Kelly has 8+ years of experience working as a tutor and several more years working as a supervisor in a few different states with a wide spectrum of children.

Kelly has worked at ABC Group since 2008 where she has spent that last 4 years accumulating center based intervention experience and has worked up to her current position of Case Supervisor. Kelly has also had a multitude of experiences shadowing in typical classrooms, conducting home based services, and providing services in the community.

Kelly has a multitude of experience in both designing and implementing programs designed to accelerate learning of pivotal skills as well as decelerate problem behavior. Her experiences range from non-vocal early learners to conversational students working on specific social skills. She completed her coursework in behavior analysis through Florida Institute of Technology, was supervised by Anne Lau, and became certified in 2012. In addition, Kelly has begun coursework for a her masters degree in Special Education, specializing in ABA, where she was supervised by Dr. Tincani at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.  Kelly is a member of the Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA); who awarded her a scholarship to attend the 2012 ABAI convention where she presented a poster on her recent Parent Training Study.  Kelly is also a member of the Association of Behavior Analysis International. She is a proud mother of one and utilizes her experiences as a mother in her role as a Behavior Analyst.

Kelly’s interests include:  Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior, parent and school staff training, precision teaching, and social skills training.