Resources for Law Enforcement and First Responders

At ABC Group, we believe in supporting our local and national community with resources to help them understand autism and other developmental disabilities. Our local law enforcement officers and first responders are our guardians, and we aim to support their mission of keeping the community safe by offering our expertise and knowledge through community outreach whenever possible. These resources offer learning tools and materials for community events, officer training events, or roll call to help identify characteristics of persons with autism or developmental disability during a police-citizen encounter. As we know, many symptoms of autism or developmental disability can also look like other symptoms of mental illness or drug addiction behavior. Arming our first responders with this information is our first step in keeping everyone safe!


As a parent or guardian or family member of someone with autism or developmental disability, we encourage you to reach out to your local police precinct to get to know them and introduce them to your family member. Sign up for Smart 911 to provide details about your family member in case of an emergency at your home. Providing details to your precinct beat officers regarding your family member may help in case of elopement or wandering. A form to fill out for eloping can be found in the Big Red Safety Tool Kit. The Big Red Safety Toolkit is a wonderful safety resource for families.

Autism First Responder Training Video: Video project by the Autism Society of Central Texas (ASCT), Red Media Group, Chester Security, parents and people with autism to help train first responders about autism.

Mission Possible 2013: A Collaboration between LAPD and Autism Society.


A roll call training video for police and other first responders who may encounter a person with autism in the performance of their duties.

Autism Safety for First Responders & Parents. A segment from the film “Making Our Way: Autism” about the importance of autism safety. Autism training and resources for law enforcement, parents, first responders and teachers.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Training for EMS.

I’M NOT ON PCP: Educating Law Enforcement about Autism.

Autism interaction training video Fort Worth Police Department.

Autism Recognition and Response.

Law Enforcement & Autism Training (SaharaCares).

Port St. Lucie PD Autism & First Response Awareness Training.

First Responders Autism Spectrum Disorder Training: The Fifth Question. Autism Society of North Carolina

Autism – First Responder Access & Functional Needs Training Series San Diego Police Department.

Autism Training Video for Store Owners/Community Members.

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Juvenile Justice Video Productions, LLC.

Conducting a Quick Screen for Trauma – Child Interview.